Getting Married in Double Bay, Sydney

Getting Married in Double Bay, Sydney

Choose Double Bay – make your wedding even more magical and romantic

Beautiful, scenic, and memorable – these are words often used to describe weddings. Because of that, it makes absolute sense for couples to want stunning views in their wedding venues.

Weddings are special occasions and milestones for couples. One way to make it extra special is by holding your wedding in the best place you can find. Why not stay in Double Bay at the most romantic Sydney accommodation for your special day, The Savoy Hotel?

Why Double Bay is great for weddings

Why Double Bay is great for weddings

In Double Bay, couples can find the most romantic spots to hold a wedding, whether big or intimate. Gardens, beaches, and parks are popular wedding venues nowadays. Luckily, all of them can be found around Double Bay.

People usually think of European cities like Rome or Paris when thinking of a scenic wedding. Still, you should not look past our local spots that could offer just as much, if not even more. In Double Bay, you can find everything you need for a wedding and a honeymoon.

The lovely neighbourhood has elegance and romance to offer. Relaxing parks and calm beaches are perfect wedding venues. For accessories and wedding preparations, there are many high-end shops to see. You don’t even have to worry about your after-party or reception. Double Bay has a lot of excellent bars, pubs, and restaurants to party in.

You’ll never run out of things to do in Double Bay. For a honeymoon, you can visit small dainty cafes and have a stroll along the boulevard. As a charming suburb to hold intimate gatherings, Double Bay makes the perfect wedding location.

Beautiful Double Bay wedding locations

We all dream of a beautiful wedding and Double Bay delivers just that. In Double Bay, there are a range of gorgeous wedding locations you and your partner can choose from. To show you the best spots, the team at The Savoy Hotel, Double Bay have compiled a list of the best Double Bay gardens, beaches, and parks in which to hold your wedding.

Blackburn Gardens

Blackburn Gardens

Imagine walking down the aisle with the beauty of nature in the background – a relaxing setting for a romantic and intimate occasion. Truly, garden weddings are both enchanting and restful. Being in these venues can also lessen your wedding expenses while adding more magic.

On New South Head Road, you can find the Blackburn Gardens. It is a lovely heritage garden which can be amazing for weddings. It offers visitors a beautiful view of Sydney Harbour above Seven Shillings Beach and Murray Rose Pool. The gardens provide a safe and relaxed space while also offering a magnificent view.

Blackburn Gardens will provide you and your guests with a charming and romantic atmosphere for your wedding. You don’t have to worry about your wedding photographs looking off. Each of them would definitely look like a postcard.

Clark Island

Clark Island

Weddings in front of beaches, lakes, and rivers have become common in recent years. So why not do a wedding with a gorgeous harbour view? If you want it, Clark Island can make your dream come true.

This scenic island is a famous wedding location in Sydney with a lot of history and a lot of views to offer. To travel to Clark Island from your Sydney accommodation in Double Bay, you can take a boat. You might even enjoy a few snapshots on the water!

Clark Island has unrivalled views of the harbour. Here you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House too. It has pleasant grassy hills where you can also have a picnic. Combined with the romantic atmosphere, its views make it one of Sydney’s most popular wedding venues.

McKell Park

McKell Park

McKell Park in Double Bay is the ideal wedding venue if you want to be surrounded by scenic views. It’s also a perfect spot for a casual wedding.

Situated on the water near Brooklyn Baths, McKell Park is also family friendly, as there is a lot of space for children. You and your guests could also hold an after-party picnic and have some barbecue. It’s pretty rustic, which can add a lot of charm to your special day.

Your wedding can be held on lawns at McKell Park. Alternatively, you can celebrate at the Canonbury Cottage hired in conjunction with the park. The cottage is great for any social event, offering absolute cosiness. McKell Park is close to the wharf and the harbour and is accessible from many accommodation options in Sydney, including The Savoy.

Rose Bay Park

Beach weddings are always memorable and stunning. With the sound of crashing waves and a gentle breeze as a backdrop, there’s much to love. It’s a remarkable setting for swearing your eternal love and Rose Bay Park is the best place to go for that. If you would like a beach wedding, this tiny beach between Point Piper and Rose Bay Marinas is idyllic. The quiet beach is the ideal location for a laid-back casual but romantic beach wedding.

This charming place is ideal for couples who want a relaxed wedding without removing the spice and romance. You can host your reception in a variety of settings along the beach after your wedding ceremony. 

After-wedding moments and honeymoons in Double Bay

After-wedding moments and honeymoons in Double Bay

Once your wonderful wedding is over, you can stay to enjoy everything Double Bay has to offer. There are plenty of romantic things to do post-wedding. The nightlife in this area is quite a scene too. You and your guests can visit some of Double Bay’s best bars and clubs.

You could also go and visit pubs with live music sessions around Sydney. If that isn’t your type of scene, a good wine tasting in a popular wine cellar might do the trick. In addition, you can enjoy Double Bay’s finest food while you go about your day.

For more romantic views, take a break and go frolic in the water. Walk along the harbour from Rose Bay to Watson’s Bay and watch the waves. If you like, you can also swim and take a dip in the beautiful waters of the Murray Rose Pool.

Want to buy romantic gifts or souvenirs too? You don’t need to worry because Double Bay has a range of high-end shops. From local to international brands, you can find the perfect items to take home with you to remember the occasion.

If Double Bay isn’t enough, here are six more ideas on more romantic things to do around Sydney:

  1. Walk along the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  2. Get on a harbour cruise.
  3. Do fun workshops together.
  4. Go on an adventurous coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee.
  5. Have a scenic picnic at The Hyde Park or at Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.
  6. Visit and relax on a quiet beach like Manly.

Choose the Savoy Hotel for your wonderful wedding at Double Bay, Sydney

For your wedding, you should only stay in the top hotels in Sydney. The Savoy Hotel in Double Bay provides exceptional and high-quality Sydney accommodation. Our experienced and well-trained personnel will give you special personalised caring treatment during your stay.

In every hotel room, we provide only the best amenities are provided. We have the ideal Sydney accommodation for you and your visitors in the Savoy. These include the Executive Balcony Rooms, Family Rooms, and our Retreat Suite.

The Savoy Hotel is located in the heart of Double Bay which provides convenient access to all of the finest places in Sydney. You can shop, dine, and stroll with easy access to your Sydney accommodation.

Contact us or make your reservations online by clicking here. For enquiries, call us on 02 9326 1411 or email us at

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