An oasis of friendly elegance, Double Bay has upheld a tradition of quality and service unparalleled in Sydney. The unique combination of business and leisure gives Double Bay a rare village-like quality that is a joy to experience.

Double Bay is as charming as it is beautiful, rich in quality and culture. With it’s cosmopolitan population there is a distinct flavour of European style in every element, bringing a warmth, vitality and generosity to the atmosphere.

Like every beauty, Double Bay has a major commitment to maintaining its attractive appearance. The groomed good looks of the area have brought in a new wave of beautiful shops and smart outdoor cafes.

Originally a fishing village, Double Bay was planned as the site for Australia’s first Botanical gardens because of its close proximity to the city, the harbour and the garden potential of the gently sloping foreshores.

There is plenty to do in Double Bay. Strolling along the streets and arcades, exploring the antique shops, art galleries and looking at the beautiful jewellery shops. For the more active, there is a full range of sports facilities including tennis, golf, swimming, bowls and for sailors, the 18-footer Sailing League Club always welcomes visitors.

Double Bay certainly is Enchanting by night – Delightful by day.