Why Double Bay Locals Love Gaden House

Why Double Bay Locals Love Gaden House

There are some places that we can’t help but feel some sort of connection to. In many cases, these places may hold some sort of special value to us. It could be that we have a cherished memory connected to the place, or the place may serve as a reminder of what we’ve already gone through in life. Regardless of the reason, we cannot deny the fact that some places feel a tad more special compared to others.

Double Bay is fortunate to have a number of places that locals cherish. One of the most significant ones is Gaden House, found in Bay Street. Gaden House is a commercial building which was opened in 1968, and has since become a staple sight in the area. It certainly has been around for a long time and is a place well loved by Double Bay locals and tourists. If you are visiting Double Bay we definitely recommend you include Gaden House in your visit because of its sheer artistic value.

3 reasons why Gaden House is an important place in Double Bay

In early 2018, the unique 1960s architecture of Gaden House was preserved from redevelopment by protestors and petitions. Here are 3 reasons why Gaden House is important to the locals of Double Bay.

1. Gaden House is an architectural masterpiece

Why Double Bay Locals Love Gaden House - Gaden House

Gaden House was designed by architect Neville Gruzman and is a unique example of carries 1960s post war modernism. Gaden House an architectural masterpiece of late modernism that explored sustainable design and locale specific solutions to sun light control.

The petition aimed to protect the heritage of this architectural style and it’s contribution to the landscape of modern Sydney. Some of the notable features include:

  • The well-placed and well-designed sunshades
  • The helix-shaped staircase
  • The glass designs
  • The functional and beautiful ceilings with built-in ventilation system

Urban development threatened the era-specific façade and interior design features of Gaden House. For further information about the petition and heated discussion about protecting modernist architecture, search online for some juicy news articles.

2. Gaden House is a piece of Double Bay history

This place has been around for a long time and is has a rich history. Gaden House has seen its fair share of changes over the 50 years that it has been around.

Gaden House has also been home to several notable brands including the brand Victoria and Albert dressmakers and Carla Zampatti. The building was as also home to a number of bars. Who could forget all those nights at the pubs in that building?

3. This place is a staple, and well-loved by locals

Gaden House has seen different generations come and go, and yet it stands. It has become a regular hangout for many locals, because of the many bars that it has housed, or the several brands that have called it home. Many memories were made in this building, which is why many locals backed the petition to save Gaden House.

After 50 years a building becomes part of the local landscape and a street would be bare without it. This is what Gaden House is to the many people that see it every day.

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