Why Booking a Hotel is the Better Option in Double Bay

Why Booking a Hotel is the Better Option in Double Bay

Double Bay is a picturesque city bordered by the beautiful Sydney Harbour. It boasts many attractions and places to visit for both locals and tourists alike. It’s impossible to explore the city in just one day with so many tourist spots available.

It may even be a good idea to book a hotel in Double Bay to accommodate your longer stay. However, with the advent of technology, you’ll also be able to find other third-party sites. These allow you to book stays in other kinds of rooms. In this article, we list down a few reasons why booking a hotel is the better option in Double Bay.

1. Booking a Hotel is more secure.

Since hotels are locations made especially for overnight stays, you can be sure that your booking with a hotel is more secure. It is not likely to be cancelled because of the kind of booking system hotels have in place. You won’t have to worry about someone else getting your room, or having the entire hotel fully booked when you get there because you already booked beforehand.

With other kinds of accommodation such as backpacker inns, condo units, motels, or transient hotels, it may not be as dependable. They are not as reliable as hotels when it comes to the security of your booking. In the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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2. You’ll be able to choose your own room.

Another perk of booking a hotel is you’ll be able to select the room you’d like to stay in. We all have our own specific needs and preferences. Moreover, with hotels, they usually have a wide array of room types accessible. It may depend on how many are you in the group, or if you would want to request a special kind of room. Either way, it is easier to choose your own room because hotels are able to accommodate their guests more compared to other lodgings.

3. You will have complete accommodation.

What’s great about hotels is that you can be assured that you’ll have everything you need to survive your stay! You’ll be offered complete accommodation down to toiletries and hygiene products. With hotels, you can step inside the room with only clothes in your backpack and you’ll still have everything you need. Other types of lodgings may not be as convenient. You may have to bring your own things, especially for personal care, since these won’t be immediately found in the rooms.

Another advantage of booking a hotel is that you’re certain that the rooms are well-maintained and regularly cleaned. You won’t have to worry about dirt, pests, and whatnot. Your hotel room will be properly prepared by a professional housekeeping staff and will be squeaky clean the moment you walk in.

4. You’ll have access to free Wi-Fi and other amenities.

Some hotels also offer free Wi-Fi and complimentary use of their amenities to all their patrons. If the hotel you booked has a gym, a swimming pool, and even a movie house, you’re in for a treat! You’ll also be able to enjoy dining at the hotel’s restaurant and experience the hotel’s full five-star service.

Why Booking a Hotel is the Better Option in Double Bay - Booking a Hotel

5. You’ll have better customer service.

If you encounter any concerns or problems during your stay, you can easily call the concierge downstairs. When you book a hotel, you’ll have better customer service with a staff that’s available around the clock, as well as room service! You can speak to the hotel staff at all times. They’ll be ready to take on any kind of special request you may have.

6. You can win loyalty program points.

Lastly, you can also win loyalty program points if you book with a particular hotel or chain of hotels frequently. Becoming a regular patron can bring rewards such as complimentary food and drinks, upgraded accommodation, or even a free stay. Hotels with loyalty program points can give you great freebies and prizes.

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With all Double Bay has to offer, it really is worth staying in this place for more than a day. Booking a hotel is the better option as you’ll have access to complete accommodation as well as great customer service. You’ll also be able to enjoy everything Sydney has to offer when you book a longer stay. This includes parks, restaurants, shopping boutiques, music, and so much more!

For accommodation in the Double Bay, Sydney area, book a room at Savoy Hotel today. Enjoy our personalised services and first-rate facilities with quick access to the city centre. Contact us today for any inquiries and we’ll be glad to answer any concerns you may have!

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