What Makes Sydney the Best City in Australia?

What Makes Sydney the Best City in Australia?

Sydney has been nominated as one of the best cities in the world numerous times. Just last year, it was voted as the 5th best city in the world by 90,000 Telegraph Travel readers. While it ranked in the list of the best cities in the entire planet, it surely comes out as the best city in the country.

From wonderful beaches, to the delicious food and the best accommodation for tourists, let’s take a look at what makes Sydney the best city in Australia.

What Makes Sydney the Best City in Australia? - Sydney

1. Sydney has 100 beaches.

Let’s start with this incredible fact. Having 100 beaches is pretty hard to beat when you are vying for the best city in Australia. According to this CNN Travel article, the city is referred to as ‘London on the Caribbean’ because of this.

Going to the beach is a favourite past time for Australians, and even more so for the people in Sydney who can choose from a long list of beaches available. Whether you’re going out to get stoked surfing at the Northern Beaches or prefer to walk along the famous and iconic shores of Bondi, then Sydney has got it for you. The beaches here are not just considered as tourist attractions, they are considered as a way of life.

2. The weather will be your best friend.

You don’t usually notice it, but the weather creates a big impact on your everyday life. Waking up to a specific type of weather can make or break your day. There’s a lot of sunny days in Sydney and the winter doesn’t get as wild as in other countries.

3. Nature steals the spotlight.

If the beach is not your thing, you can go on a hike and witness Australia’s Blue Mountains as well as the Three Sisters rock formation. River cruises are also available along the Hawkesbury.

The Hunter Valley offers many informative and exciting wine tours. There’s also a raw nature reserve that’s just an hour’s drive. Escaping to Mother Nature is easy because there’s something available that’s just within a couple of hours’ drive from Sydney.

What Makes Sydney the Best City in Australia? - Sydney

4. The food is amazing.

Sydney is the melting pot of global dishes in Australia. Craving Middle Eastern cuisine? Make your way to Punchbowl, Auburn, or even Surry Hills’ Cleveland Street for your pick of juicy skewered meats or flavourful falafels.

Need a pick-me-up bowl of hot Vietnamese pho? Cabramatta has got you covered. Of course, a wide array of seafood dishes is available anywhere because Sydney is surrounded by water. Bruch is also an all-day affair if you’re looking for a comforting meal to start your day. You can even join a guided culinary tour that’s setup by foodies for foodies. If you’re a traveller who’s staying in a Sydney accommodation, you’ll surely find your next favourite restaurant nearby.

5. Sydney coffee is gourmet coffee.

The city is heaven for coffee-lovers. Forget the usual super-chains of coffee shops and go for the local ones who roast their own coffee beans in-house. They’ll also wow you with the barista’s signature swirl. The coffee scene here is competitive so you’ll surely get a delicious cup every time.

6. The local shops are extraordinary.

If shopping is your preferred activity to unwind, the local markets in Sydney are  spectacular. Looking for clothes and great gifts? Head on over to the Glebe Markets. If you are into antiques and vintage clothing, the Rozelle Markets will surely have something for you. For handmade finds, the Rocks Markets is the perfect place to go.

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