Watch and Play Tennis in Sydney

Watch and Play Tennis in Sydney

Tennis enthusiasts love playing and watching tennis in Sydney.

Tennis is an extremely popular activity in Australia, with individuals of various ages participating. It can be a competitive sport or played just for fun with family and friends. Tennis is especially enjoyable, but hard to find accommodations for during vacations and getaway trips.

Fortunately, if you want to watch and play tennis in Sydney, you have many options. There are numerous tennis clubs and tennis courts in Sydney. In fact, there is a high possibility that the Sydney accommodation you are staying at is near a tennis court.

Where can you watch tennis in Sydney

Where can you watch tennis in Sydney?

Tennis has quite a long history in Australia. In fact, the Australian Open is the opening for the Grand Slam tournament each year. It is held yearly in Melbourne around late January and early February. In addition, Australia has hosted various high-profile tennis tournaments, such as the ATP Cup and the Sydney International.

Because of this, it makes sense that Sydney has venues where you can watch tennis matches. With that said, here are the major venues to watch tennis matches in Sydney:

Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre

The Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is a well-known tennis facility near the Sydney area that also serves as a multi-purpose sports complex. It is situated near Sydney CBD, within the Olympic Park in Parramatta. A year after it was built, it has hosted the tennis events for the Summer Olympics in 2000. The Sydney International tournament was also held at the Olympic Park until 2019. The ATP Cup has been held here since 2020.

Ken Rosewall Arena

The primary venue at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is the Ken Rosewall Arena. This arena was initially built for the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Sydney. However, in the late 2010s, it became a multi-purpose indoor arena.

Qudos Bank Arena

The Qudos Bank Arena is Australia’s largest indoor sporting and entertainment venue to date. In terms of ticket sales, it is also the most successful arena in the Australasian region, ranking first. Regarded as one of the best indoor arenas in the world, Qudos Bank Arena hosts sporting events such as tennis, basketball, and netball. It also hosts concerts and other entertainment events.

10 amazing tennis courts to play tennis around Sydney

10 amazing tennis courts to play tennis around Sydney

1. Alexandria Park Tennis Courts

The City Community Tennis Group manages the tennis courts at Alexandria Park. The establishment has a total of 16 tennis courts and facilities. It has two hard courts and has light fixtures available for use. As a result, they are ideal for playing tennis any time of the day. This park is comfortable to play even at night.

2. Baker Park Tennis Courts

Baker Park Tennis Courts are free to use. Because of this, there are often long queues here. As a rule, the tennis courts can only be used for an hour. This rule was made so that no one would hog the courts and give other visitors a chance to play. Coaching and training are not encouraged on this court due to the time limit in court use. Nonetheless, if you are playing with an experienced player, you can play with them.

3. Birchgrove Tennis

The Birchgrove Tennis Centre is usually reserved on a long-term basis. Players are encouraged to commit to regular use of the courts. However, if you prefer something more casual and short-term, you are still welcome to come along. You can even rent a tennis ball machine to play against if you do not have a companion.

4. Cooper Park Tennis

Cooper Park Tennis is located around Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and is accessible from most accommodations in Sydney. It rents out eight synthetic grass tennis courts, which are also quite spacious. For night matches, all these courts have floodlights you can use.

In addition, there is a café where you can get food and beverages. Showers to freshen up in and shops for tennis gear are also offered. Coaching staff is also available to provide you with additional instruction.

5. Eastcourts Tennis

Eastcourts Tennis has hard-surface tennis courts instead of synthetic or grass tennis courts. These courts are for hire every day from early morning to late at night.

There are also lessons that you can take advantage of. Cardio tennis, which merges tennis with cardio workout routines, is one of the classes available. Eastcourts also offers private tennis training.

6. Keirle Park Tennis Centre

Come here if you would like to play tennis but prefer not to get club membership. Six synthetic grass courts are available for hire at the Keirle Park Tennis Centre. These courts are all floodlit for night-time tennis matches. You can, however, register for membership if you wish. Membership entitles you to nearly limitless use of the sports facilities at certain times throughout the year.

7. Manly Tennis Centre

Manly Tennis Centre is part of the Manly Lawn Tennis Club. It is a club that provides a positive atmosphere to all its members. Nonetheless, the Manly Tennis Centre offers excellent facilities for casual guests. Visitors can utilise six artificial grass tennis courts and separate mentorship services. In addition, the club holds yearly championships where all members are welcome and eligible to compete.

8. Primrose Park Tennis

Primrose Park has four synthetic grass tennis courts that include floodlights. Their courts are available for hourly hire. The tennis courts are well-kept and are not affected by strong winds. Primrose Park also provides coaching lessons for tennis.

9. Rockdale Tennis Club

Rockdale Tennis Club offers a traditional country club atmosphere. It has a bar and a restaurant, as well as screens where you can watch various sporting events.

Rockdale has 18 tennis courts that can be used in all weather conditions. Their courts are open every day of the week, from morning to night. Tennis lessons, both semi-private and private, are also for enrolment.

10. Wakehurst Tennis

This venue is located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is easily accessible from any Sydney accommodation. Check out Wakehurst Tennis if you want to get away from the grass courts for a bit and take a stab at playing a game on a hard tennis court for a change.

In Wakehurst Tennis, there are eight courts in total. One-half of it is made up of four hard tennis courts, while the other half is made up of synthetic grass courts. Wakehurst Tennis also has a handful of coaches to help or train you.

Enjoy the best experiences Sydney has to offer

Enjoy the best experiences Sydney has to offer.

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