Tips for Surfing in Sydney

Tips for Surfing in Sydney

The best way to plan to go surfing in Sydney

Sydney has more than 70 beaches spread along its coastline, so there is a perfect break for those who are just learning to surf to the experts. This is also why Sydney is one of the top surfing destinations in Australia.

Where can you surf in Sydney

Where can you surf in Sydney?

Surfing spots in Sydney are divided into two areas: East and South of Sydney. Each of these beaches has pros and cons, so you better read up on the places that you want to visit before hopping on the train or the bus. Here is a quick list to start with.

East of Sydney

a. Bondi Beach

Hands down, Bondi Beach is the most popular beach in Sydney. This may even be true for the whole of Australia. It is on most tourists’ to-do lists whilst in Sydney, attracting many travellers for its extraordinary lifestyle and sheer beauty.

The waves at Bondi are regular and good throughout the year. A supervised area for beginners in the north of the beach is reserved for foam boards. In Summer and on weekends, the beach is packed with people that walking around is impossible.

Pros: Bondi is a relatively safe beach. It is close to the city and has many board rentals.

Cons: Super crowded in summer and on weekends and is quite on the high end.

b. McKenzies Bay and Tamarama

McKenzies Bay and Tamarama and located south of Bondi. This is the place to go if you are looking for fast hollow waves. However, inexperienced surfers are advised to stay away from these beaches as they may run into the rocky ground. These spots are also closed when waves get higher than 1.5 meters.

Pros: Tend to be less crowded than Bondi

Cons: Super-narrow beach and strong, powerful waves. Lifeguards often close the area to surfers.

c. Bronte

Walk a bit further from Tamarama, and you will arrive at Bronte. It is a large, sandy beach that gets swells of different sizes, mostly from the South-South-East.

Pros: Often not crowded, good surf zone

Cons: Not as crowded as Bondi, but has challenging waves that are not suitable for beginners

d. Coogee

Walk a bit further, and you will reach Coogee. This cosmopolitan city is home to numerous ex-pats, cafés, and surf shops. Because of its sheltered position, Coogee is generally suitable for beginners. However, one may also find huge swells here.

Pros: Close to the city

Cons: Too sheltered, so it is more suited for tanning than surfing

e. Maroubra

Maroubra offers consistent good waves. In the centre of the beach is Dunny Bowl, a quality beach break that most surfers find satisfying. You can also wait for the big swells that come from the south. They create the mythical wave “Bear” that breaks on a slab of rocks – leaving no room for error. If Maroubra is closed, you can head on to Malabar.

Pros: Close to the city with good waves

Cons: Always crowded on weekends

f. Manly

Situated in Sydney’s far north is Manly Beach. It is known to provide good waves all year round, with big swells coming from the north from November to April. With its beach break, point break and reef break within just a few meters of each other, Manly attracts all sorts of surfers from around the world.

The northern tip of Manly is where you will find the Queenscliff beach break that offers good waves. If it is closed due to consistent waves, you can go to the southern part of Manly with its big swells. Experienced surfers sometimes get beautiful tubes at Steyne’s main beach right in the heart of Manly.

Queensie Bomby is the first reef of Manly when coming from the north. It is a dangerous wave that needs patience and commitment. You will have to wait for big swells if you want to surf these long, shallow shoulders.

Beginners and intermediate surfers will find the south of Manly a suitable spot. Although it is quieter, it also offers good waves.

Manly’s main reef, the Fairy Bower, generates incredible waves where some locals and pros can ride 8-second tubes.

Apart from surfing, Manly offers a great living environment filled with pubs and surf shops. It is where beer lovers hang out and share their adventures and finds of the day.

Pros: Good spot for beginners to learn surfing

Cons: Can get super crowded

South of Sydney

a. Cronulla

In the far south of Sydney is a 4-kilometre-long surf paradise called Cronulla. It is where you can find the most beautiful waves in the whole of Sydney, with all sorts of waves for all levels. Shark Island off Cronulla evokes big hollow waves, some exceeding 5 metres.

b. Narrabeen

Narrabeen produces consistent lefts that are not for the faint of heart.

c. Curl Curl

Curl Curl is a protected beach break that produces good left and right peaks for all levels. This is a good backup when Manly swells are too extreme.

d. Long Reef and Collaroy

Beginners and intermediate surfers prefer the peaceful atmosphere of Long Reef and Collaroy, while expert surfers choose Dee Why or Butterbox.

e. Sydney Royal National Park

You can reach and explore the park by car. The Sydney Royal National Park is where you want to surf beautiful waves on over 20 kilometres of wild coasts. Its preserved natural setting gives it a magical appeal.

Do I need to wear a wetsuit while surfing in Sydney

Do I need to wear a wetsuit while surfing in Sydney?

The mid-coast to Southern NSW, including Sydney, calls for a 1mm vest in the summer. If you wander a bit farther south, the temperature becomes chillier when cold currents come through, requiring a 2mm spring wetsuit. In the winter, you will need a 3/2 steamer wetsuit, especially down towards Sydney and the NSW South Coast.

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