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Located at Sydney Harbour, Double Bay is among Sydney’s majestic places to reckon. Being the lively and progressive district that it is, this suburban wonder has become a favourite destination to almost all Sydney accommodation seekers and vacationers.

Aside from its exquisite cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and incredible national parks, Double Bay is also known for its seawater attractions. It has the famous Bondi Beach to fulfil all your water adventure fantasies. It also has a line-up of energising and exciting water activities that will make you come back for more.

5 Best water activities you should try during your Sydney accommodation at Double Bay

As you make your accommodation Sydney booking for Double Bay, you are unlocking the gateway to the water paradise of your lifetime. If you’re up for some “vitamin sea” overload, here’s a list of the best water activities that you should try in the area:

The Best Water Activities You Should Try in Double Bay - Water Activities

1. Sydney Harbour Motor Boat Exploration

Want to adore Double Bay’s glory without having to travel by foot? If so, the most exciting way to do this is by renting and driving a boat during your Sydney tour!

Driving a motorboat is a great way to appreciate and explore Sydney Harbour from different angles and perspectives. Through this, you’ll have the opportunity to drive from Rose Bay, to underneath Harbour Bridge, all the way to Darling Harbour, and past the Sydney Opera House.

Usually, most motorboat tour companies will give you an average of 2 hours to enjoy this trip. Not bad for a scenic seawater drive!

The Best Water Activities You Should Try in Double Bay - Water Activities

2. Double Bay Yacht Sailing

If you’d like to add a dash of luxury to your accommodation Sydney getaway, then yacht sailing is the way to do it.

Through a private charter, you can indulge in Double Bay’s unparalleled beauty with style. Commonly, an average private yacht can accommodate more or less 24 guests. It can be hired for special events too.

The Best Water Activities You Should Try in Double Bay - Water Activities

3. Double Bay Kayaking

Want to get closer to nature through your accommodation Sydney vacation? Give kayaking a try!

Most people consider kayaking as an adrenaline-charged experience. It reunites you with nature and relieves life’s toxicities. Experts even consider it as an excellent form of aerobic exercise.

Kayaking is one of the best activities to do in Double Bay, given the bay’s vast expanse of water. And since tourist spots seldom offer this kind of water activity, this makes Double Day one of the most sought-after destinations in Sydney.

The Best Water Activities You Should Try in Double Bay - Water Activities

4. Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP Boarding)

If you want to make the most out of your accommodation Sydney booking, don’t hesitate to try the extremes. Go out and do stand-up paddle boarding!

SUP Boarding, as it is most popularly known, is one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world today. It uses a paddle and surf style board, which makes it a hybrid of surfing and canoeing of some sort.

The only way to enjoy SUP boarding is through a Sydney accommodation in Double Bay. Staying at an exquisite yet affordable place like Double Bay’s Savoy Hotel will give you access to affordable yet safe options for this water getaway.

The Best Water Activities You Should Try in Double Bay - Water Activities

5. Surfing and Swimming Galore at Bondi Beach

Of course, your accommodation Sydney booking will not be complete without visiting the glorious Bondi Beach. Relish the summer vibe and bask in Bondi Beach’s wonders with friends and family through swimming and surfing. But if you prefer going there in winter, make sure not to miss the Bondi Icebergs.

Book your Sydney accommodation at Savoy Hotel in Double Bay to enjoy these fun water activities

There’s no other way to enjoy all these delightful water activities than booking your stay with Savoy Hotel Double Bay. With its top-notch service and facilities, it can help you make realise your life’s greatest passions for a reasonable price.

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