Spring in Sydney: Best Places to Hangout to See Nature’s Beauty

Spring in Sydney: Best Places to Hangout to See Nature’s Beauty

Sydney is spectacular anytime of the year. But, of all the seasons, spring is the best time to explore all the beauties of nature this place has to offer.

When you step out of your Sydney accommodation, you will be immediately greeted by the blossoming flora and fauna. These breathtaking scenes will surely leave you stunned and wanting to take a picture or two.

Sydney like you’ve never seen it before

Sydney is full of beautiful attractions. Sites such as Sydney Harbour and the Opera House are surely on the top of everyone’s to-see list. But why limit yourself when the beauty of spring is right in front of you? Go out and experience Sydney like you’ve never seen it before.

Here are a few great places you and your friends and family can visit:

Royal Botanic Gardens

You can take a short walk from the Sydney Opera House to the Royal Botanic Gardens. These gardens are hectares of greenery with different and rare kinds of trees and plants all over.

One of the best attractions is the Palace Rose Garden which is flooded with bright beautiful roses. There are various cafes and restaurants in the area, where you can enjoy the scenic views while enjoying a bite to eat.

Spring in Sydney: Best Places to Hangout to See Nature’s Beauty - Sydney

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a breath of fresh air amid the busy city. With its wide lawns, bountiful fauna and attractive fountains, you will surely have a relaxing time hanging out or setting up a picnic. Hyde Park is the oldest park in Australia and is sprawling with history and art.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are just a short drive outside of the city. Locals love going off to enjoy the amazing view of the mountains. The blue colour of the hills is caused by eucalyptus oil in air, and makes for a really magnificent experience.

You may opt to take shorter or longer routes to see the beauty of the range. From high above, you will be able to truly appreciate the gorgeous forests and waterfalls. There are gardens and picnic areas where you can just sit down and take everything in. If a daytrip is not enough for you, you may also opt to camp out in one of the designated camping areas.

Wildlife Parks

Animals are beautiful creatures that visitors in Sydney will definitely be intrigued to see. In wildlife parks, you will be able to experience iconic Australian animals you will not be able to see anywhere else.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind wildlife experience at Featherdale Wildlife Park. This park is home to hundreds of native animals of different species. This is the largest collection you will see in all of Australia. You will be able to find koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies here. There are also stunning collections of various reptiles and birds that will surely wow you.

Symbio Wildlife Park

You will be able to interact with different animals such as red pandas, koalas, and meerkats here at Symbio Wildlife Park. Guest of all ages will sure have a blast playing with the delightful creatures. Any animal-lover will not want to miss the opportunity to get a glimpse of their fascinating lives.

Spring in Sydney: Best Places to Hangout to See Nature’s Beauty - Sydney

National Parks

Exploring the national parks around Sydney lets you view the beauty of nature as well as take a peek into the history of the country. Sydney Harbour National Park lets you see what’s left of the historic bushlands in the harbour.

The Royal National Park is the oldest national park in Australia. You can take a walk around the greenery, or take a boat out in the Hacking River. There are also great picnic spots you can unwind in, or be mesmerised by the thrilling view over the cliffs.

Another interesting place to visit is the Wollemi National Park which is home to the marvellous Wollemi pine. This is a living fossil that was discovered recently, and has remained unchanged for millions of years.

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