Preparing for a Summer Sydney Holiday

Preparing for a Summer Sydney Holiday

Tips on what to bring so you get the most of your Sydney trip.

You have finally booked your Sydney accommodation for the coming summer holiday. However, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 37°C (68°F to 99°F), it is best to prepare well for your Sydney activities.

Sydney is at its hottest from December to February. If you love the beach, then this is the best time to visit. Ocean waters also become warm, making it the perfect season to enjoy Australia’s world-famous beaches. As for visitors who prefer to stay indoors, many attractions throughout the city will surely pique your interest – from museums to giant aquariums.

8 Essential Packing Tips for Your Upcoming 2022 Summer Holiday in Sydney

8 Essential Packing Tips for Your Upcoming 2022 Summer Holiday in Sydney

If you are staying at an accommodation in Sydney during summer, pack a set of tank tops and shorts, a swimsuit, and a fabulous pair of sunnies. Here are more tips to make your summer holiday in Sydney more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Travel light

Sydney stays warm during the summer, so it is easy to fit more clothes in your luggage. After all, you can always purchase toiletries upon arrival, leaving more room in your bag for essentials during your flight.

2. Pack for the weather.

Even in the summertime, a jacket is a necessity when visiting Sydney. The evenings are chilly, which is why you must have something to keep you warm if go out at night. Be sure to ask your Sydney accommodation bellhop for tips on the best parties in town.

If you are taking the ferry or visiting the Blue Mountains, be sure to wear something thick as it can get incredibly cold.

Although Sydney has a reputation as the ultimate destination for sun-seekers, the weather can get pretty wild too. Australia’s sub-tropical climate comes with summer storms and torrential rain. So, always check the weather forecast before heading out. If there is a high chance of rain, wear a poncho and bring an umbrella to repel those epic downpours.

Bushfires are also widespread these days as many states are experiencing bizarre droughts. This has led to uncontrollable bushfires outside the city, carrying smoke and haze over Sydney for days. Again, be sure to check the forecast for fire hazard warnings. It is best not to leave your Sydney accommodation when the smoke becomes a choking hazard.

3. Bring good walking shoes.

Sydney is one of the most walkable cities in the world. You can easily explore the Central Business District on foot, probing through Sydney’s bushwalks and coastal paths all the way to the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Therefore, any visit to Sydney will require a good pair of walking shoes. Whether trekking down the Bondi-Coogee trail or strutting around town, you want comfortable footwear.

Instead of bulky shoes, why not pack a pair of strappy rubber sandals? These are good for exploring North Head, Anzac Bridge, Manly, Circular Quay, and the Royal National Park.

4. Throw in your swimming apparel

As mentioned earlier, Sydney is home to stunning world-class beaches. Bondi Beach, Palm Beach, and Coogee Beach all offer an awesome stretch of sand to lay around in the afternoon. Even if you do not plan to get in the water, pack your swimsuit and quick-dry towels in case you decide to take a quick dip.

5. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Of course, swimsuits go together with sunscreen. Keep your skin safe from Sydney’s hot sun by applying sunscreen. Sun protection is not only a must on Sydney beaches but around the city centre as well. So, carry a tube of sunscreen whenever you leave your Sydney accommodation to prevent that horrific sunburn. You don’t want to end up in a hospital with a casual third-degree burn just because you did not lather up.

6. Carry an underwater camera.

Sydney waters are not only beautiful on the surface. In fact, one of the city’s claims to fame is its majestic underwater scenery. To capture this gift of nature, consider bringing an underwater camera with you.

Head to Manly for snorkelling and get up close and personal with Sydney’s diverse marine life. Hit that shutter when you see some sea dragons, cuttlefish, or blue gropers. You never know which creature you will meet while swimming, so ensure that your underwater camera is ready to shoot.

7. Check your power chargers.

Before you get on your flight, be sure to check if your power chargers are going to work in Australia. The standard voltage in the country is 230V and power sockets are Type I.

If you are from New Zealand, plugging in your blow dryer will not be an issue. But if you come from another country, you might need voltage converters to operate your appliances in Australia.

8. Get an Opal card for public transport

The best way to travel around Sydney is by getting an Opal. With an Opal card, you can take any form of public transportation and pay through this integrated payment system – whether you are riding the bus, train, ferry, or the Light Rail.

Remember to tap on and off so you will not be charged in excess. Opal cards have maximum daily and weekly charges. Still, you can easily top up at train stations, convenience stores, and online.

Be a socially responsible visitor in Sydney.

Be a socially responsible visitor in Sydney.

As a socially responsible Sydney accommodation, The Savoy Hotel always reminds its guests to be more mindful of their vacation.

Here are a few tips on how to be a socially responsible tourist in Sydney.

  • Bring your own reusable straw
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Bring a reusable shopping bag
  • Pack enough clothes so you will not need to purchase new ones during your travel
  • Support small businesses by purchasing local products
  • Bring a Kindle or e-book instead of paperback
  • Purchase toiletries in bulk
  • Bring biodegradable soap and shampoo

December is just around the corner. Summer is arriving, and thousands of visitors will soon descend on Sydney’s beautiful shores again. Because summer is always the high season, it is the most expensive time to travel in Australia.

Soaring demand leads to more costly flights and Sydney accommodation. To score some deals for your next Sydney summer vacation, it is best to book well in advance.

Here at The Savoy Hotel, you can get your 4th night free if you stay with us from Sunday to Thursday. Ask us today about our promos! Call us at + (612) 9326 1411 to see if you are eligible for this promo.

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