Let’s Get Physical: Best Places to Work Out in Sydney

Let’s Get Physical: Best Places to Work Out in Sydney

Whether you are in Sydney for holiday or business, always take advantage of the activities that you can do in this beautiful city. Sydney is the biggest city in New South Wales and there are endless locations to choose from; no matter the weather, there are indoor gyms, cycle paths, parks, and covered public spaces. There’s never an excuse for not staying fit and healthy. If you’re visiting Sydney or a Sydney resident, get out and about to stay fit!

Take full advantage of the city’s open areas

When the word “workout” is mentioned, it doesn’t limit exercise to the four walls of a gym. Though they are an ideal place to stretch those unused muscles, working out can also be done in an open and spacious area that is free of charge.

sydney exercise parks

Wear your favourite runners head out onto the streets. You can try jogging in public parks such as Alexandria, Steyne, and Wentworth where you’ll enjoy lush greens and fresh air. Yoga is also one popular workout that is normally done in a quiet and serene place, and allows you to easily meditate and de-stress from your busy city life.

If you can find courts or large patches of grass, you can also play games like badminton and Frisbee. For badminton and Frisbee, all you need is a mate. Why not try group workout activities like Zumba and aerobics. If you prefer to do calisthenics alone, choose cycling and star jumps. Cycling can be done alone while Zumba and aerobics are best enjoyed with others. With or without a partner, however, you will definitely find something that can help you burn those excess calories. In the summer, public parks and playgrounds are jam-packed with people, which gives you more reasons to enjoy outdoors.  

In case you are not the outgoing type of person, private lessons are also great. Several accommodations in Sydney are near fitness studios and you can easily join various classes being offered. Some of the activities offered in gyms include indoor wall climbing, pilates, scenic cycle, boutique rowing, boxing, and strength training. Each class has a specific difficulty that caters every person’s physical needs.

sydney fitness studios

For example, wall climbing and rowing are an intermediate level, while cycling is beginner friendly. However, one factor to consider is the schedule. Every class has a regular schedule so better check first when planning to join one. Give the gym a call before you head out. Lastly, sessions and classes are paid. Some fitness studios accept monthly payments; others offer a per session rate. Most importantly, it is good to know that whatever your level is, there will always be a suitable class for you.

Find a unique workout space

While fitness studios are found everywhere, you may already find them a tad bit overrated. This is one reason why unique workout places are now getting some popularity. These are not your typical gyms with 4 walls. Rather, they are located in interesting spaces to encourage more people to lose the flab and move some stuck muscles.

Surprisingly, you may find some workout equipment at the beach front, near a port, in a rooftop building, or even in an abandoned warehouse. There’s less obligation to visit these unique work out locations than going to a gym. They encourage spontaneity. While you’re watching the sunset at the beach or just walking by the shore, stop and try the pull-up bar or sit-up bench. It’s never been more pleasant to exercise.

Book your Sydney accommodation early!

There are several ways to work in your fitness routine whilst staying at The Savoy Double Bay Hotel. This hotel is close to several public parks and fitness studios. If you’re planning to visit Sydney soon, make sure to book with us. We will help plan your next trip so you can fully enjoy your time in our beautiful city!

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