Hiking in Sydney in Summer: Where to Go, What to Bring

Hiking in Sydney in Summer: Where to Go, What to Bring

Plan your Sydney hiking trip ahead of time!

Hiking is a popular outdoor activity in Australia all year round, especially during summer when the Sydney sunshine is at its peak.

If you are up for a hike in or around Sydney, there are plenty of places for a quick road trip or weekend getaway.

Top Hikes in Sydney

Top Hikes in Sydney

Here are some of the most awesome hikes in NSW.

· Bondi to Manly

This 80-kilometre coastal walk takes you to the signature landmarks of Australia – the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House – and goes through sealed pathways, bush trails, and boardwalks, forming one giant seaside hike.

Several interesting pitstops are along the walking track: Taronga Zoo, Macquarie Lighthouse, Murray Rose Pool, Bradleys Head, Middle Head, the Clontarf, and North Head. You can dip in the water or order a glass of cold beer while taking a break.

If you do not intend to hike the full route, you can conquer one or two of the eight total sections of the trail. Perhaps you’d prefer to run just the length of Rose Bay to Darling Point or Taronga Zoo going to Spit Bridge.

· Bundeena to Otford

Popularly known as the Coast Track, the 26-kilometre Bundeena to Otford trail offers magnificent views of white cliffs, lush rainforests, hidden waterfalls, and rock pools. There’s even a beachside campsite for those who want to stay overnight and complete the two-day hike.

· Six Foot Track

The 46-kilometre Six Foot Track takes three days to complete, but you can turn back anytime if you’re not in for the long haul. One of the most breathtaking walking trails near Sydney, this historical track will take you back to the 1880s as you traverse through heritage sites, woodlands, and rainforests from Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves. Many hikers stay throughout the three-day adventure for the spectacular stargazing.

· Bouddi Coastal Walk

This 8-kilometre beach stroll combines two campsites – Little Beach and Putty Beach –known for their Instagrammable vistas of wildflowers, shipwrecks, and deserted beaches. Enjoy panoramic views of Maitland Bay if you stop by Gerrin Point Lookout during your 5-hour walk.

· Aboriginal Heritage Walk

For a truly unforgettable hiking experience in Sydney, take the 4.4-kilometre Aboriginal Heritage Walk to see the Guringai rock engravings at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Marvel at the aboriginal artwork in Red Hands Cave before walking into an old occupation shelter down the trail. There are plenty of birdwatching opportunities as you reach the vistas of West Head Lookout.

When hiking in Sydney, remember always to be respectful of nature, and do not touch the delicate engravings.

Day Trip Hiking Packing List: What to Bring

Day Trip Hiking Packing List: What to Bring

So, you’ve finally decided to go hiking this summer. As soon as you have booked your Sydney accommodation, be sure to pack all your travel essentials.

Here’s a hiking packing list for your day trip.

· Footwear

Whatever season you are hiking, comfortable shoes are of utmost importance. Hiking boots are designed to provide good ankle support with enough toe room for those downhill slides. The soles are also made of a durable grip to prevent you from slipping.

If boots are too heavy for you, a good pair of running shoes will do fine as long as they fit comfortably.

Here is a pretty important tip: never wear brand-new shoes on a hiking trip!

Wear breathable socks that are designed to wick sweat away. They also reduce the chance of blisters from those long walks.

· Apparel

Whether you’re wearing pants or shorts, make sure they are made of lightweight, breathable fabric. Don’t wear denim jeans on a hiking trip!

Also, wearing a collared, long-sleeved shirt offers better sun protection than reapplying sunscreen on your arms throughout the day.

Choose a lightweight, breathable fabric for your top. Most nylon-blend hiking shirts have built-in UV protection and insect repellent that are perfect for the outdoors.

Always check the weather before heading off and pack wet gear if required. A light spray jacket or windbreaker is good enough for a day hike.

If rain is on the radar, wear waterproof pants and pack a raincoat or waterproof jacket, especially for extended hikes.

· Accessories

Do not go under the Australian sun without wearing headwear! Put on a hat that shades your entire face, neck, and the top of your head. For coastal walks, be sure to wear sunglasses with polarised lenses.

· Gear

For a day hike, a 20-litre capacity backpack should be enough to hold your gear. Anything bigger will only invite unnecessary stuff.

Stay hydrated with a water bottle or hydration bladder. Each person in your group should carry a minimum of 2 litres of water per day trip – more in the summer.

Pack some water purification tablets in case you have to drink from a fresh stream when you run out of water.

· Food

If you need an energy boost along the way, energy bars and pre-made sandwiches are great for snacking at pitstops. Mixed trail nuts should always be on your hiking list.

· Trash bag

We all know the drill: Leave No Trace.

Anywhere your boots lead you, do not leave trash lying around.

· Gadgets

For safe travels, always pack your hiking kit with these essentials:

  1. Map
  2. Compass
  3. GPS navigator
  4. Pocket knife
  5. Headtorch
  6. First aid kit (compression bandage for snake bites, triangle bandage to make a splint or sling, painkillers, and blister ointment)
  7. Spare batteries
  8. Insect repellent
  9. Lighter or matches

· Sunscreen

Most sunscreens are sold in travel bottles, so you can just pull the tube out to reapply every few hours. Pay close attention to your arms, shoulders, and the back of your legs, as these are prone to sunburn.

Hiking is a popular activity in Sydney during summer because of the many places to go – walk along pristine beaches, peek through dense rainforests, or enjoy the view from atop sandstone cliffs.

There is also no shortage of wildlife to see and historical sites to visit, so whether you’re going solo or hiking with friends, this could be a trip that you will remember for a lifetime.

Always take extra precautions when hiking on a Sydney trail of any length. Check the weather forecast, pack appropriately, and let your loved ones know where you’re going before heading out of your Sydney accommodation.

Start and End your Adventure at Savoy

Start and End your Adventure at Savoy

If you’re hiking in Sydney, The Savoy Hotel is the perfect jump-off point for your adventure. This tranquil oasis has 40 well-appointed rooms and excellent facilities that come with personalised service.

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