Fun Things to Play When Checked-in at a Hotel

Fun Things to Play When Checked-in at a Hotel

Double Bay’s alluring spots are more than enough to keep you and your travel buddies energised throughout your Sydney accommodation. No wonder, many families and groups take any opportunity to take a trip here.

However, you can’t spend your whole vacation outdoors. Trips have their fair share of downtime, too, making spending time at the hotel inevitable.

With everyone all hyped up, staying confined in a hotel room in your Sydney accommodation can make you cranky. Whether you are someone who brings the kids along on your Double Bay getaway, or just a bunch of friends that hates idle moments, you got to be creative to drive boredom away.

5 Fun things to play to drive boredom out of your planned Sydney getaway

It is quite impossible to be bored in a Sydney accommodation like the Savoy Hotel. But just in case, here’s a list of fun things you can play when checked in at a hotel:

Fun Things to Play When Checked-in at a Hotel - Fun Things


Is it a person, place, or thing? The only way for your teammates to find out is to guess from your actions. That’s how you play charades, you need no accessories or equipment, and it can brighten up an idle moments.

Before playing, brainstorm some fun ideas and jot them down with pen and paper to make the game more organised. Fold these papers into smaller pieces and place them in a box or container. Then, pick any paper and act out what’s in it.

You can also make this game more exciting by agreeing to give the losing team difficult tasks to do. It would surely set a more competitive yet exhilarating mood among your roomies.

Hotel Room Blanket Limbo

Instead of a long pole, you can play limbo during your Sydney accommodation by using a rolled blanket. Then, ask a person to hold each end and position it parallel to the ground.

After setting up, ask your roommates to line up so they can take turns in passing underneath the blanket. But here’s the catch: they must do so only by bending backward!

Make sure to lower the height of the rolled blanket every after completed round. Anyone who touches it or loses his balance will be disqualified.

To make this accommodation Sydney hotel game more enjoyable, relax the rules to your liking and play your favourite dance tunes during the game.

Hallway Relays

If you want to combine enjoyment and sweating, you can try this simple yet fun game. It’s usually played in a wide hallway. However, nothing stops you from playing it anywhere else in the hotel.

Make sure that the hallway or hotel space you play in is free from any obstruction or guests. It will ensure safety among yourselves and prevent you from disturbing other hotel vacationers.

Scavenger Hunt

This game is another pastime that won’t require any equipment or material to play with other than your ideas, pen, and paper.

Begin by grouping yourselves to as many teams as you like. Then, jot down a list of things that you’d like the team members to bring to you, such as hotel flyers, pens, paper towels, slippers, or shampoo bottles.

If you’re feeling sillier, you can add other giddy tasks such as taking a selfie or jump shot with random hotel guests.

Fun Things to Play When Checked-in at a Hotel - Fun Things

Board Games

If you want the good old and relaxing games to kill time and boredom, make sure to bring your favourite chess board, Scrabble, or Word Factory set with you on your vacation. Sometimes, these and a cup or warm tea of coffee are all you need to enjoy a moment of relaxation while checked in your hotel.

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