Escape to Serenity: Unwinding in Double Bay’s Tranquil Oasis

Escape to Serenity_ Unwinding in Double Bay's Tranquil Oasis

Why choose Double Bay for your next Sydney adventure

Double Bay can be found in New South Wales, on Sydney‘s eastern harbour side. The administrative heart of Woollahra is located there, around 4 kilometres to the east of the CBD. If you’ve tried to look for Sydney accommodations for your trip, you’ve probably already heard of this place.

Double Bay was viewed as somewhat of a plain neighbourhood by most Sydney locals. Back then, this suburb would not particularly capture your attention if you already had accommodation in Sydney’s other neighbourhoods. However, its closeness to the harbour and the city is why that view changed. The area’s gentle slopes also offered the possibility of installing gardens or recreational facilities.

There wasn’t much to do in Double Bay at the time, but that isn’t the case anymore today. New bars opened following a much-needed rebirth that is bringing in a wide range of customers. Older locations like the Ritz-Carlton have undergone changes, introducing heaps of new, hip establishments to the region.

The number of dining and drinking places also continues to grow because of the revival. And honestly, the food is good enough reason to travel to this tranquil oasis known as Double Bay.

5 Relaxing Things to Do to Unwind in Double Bay, Sydney

5 Relaxing Things to Do to Unwind in Double Bay, Sydney

There are plenty of relaxing things to do in Double Bay, and here are some of them!

1. Have a relaxing and restful spa day.

While relaxing in your Sydney accommodation is okay, there are other, more effective methods to unwind. The ideal approach to relax and decompress is to unwind in a spa. A spa day doesn’t just help you feel better physically; it can also help your mental health by calming your nerves.

Spending some time at a spa can be an excellent way to relieve stress that’s been building up. Naturally, entirely eliminating stress will take more than a day at the spa. Still, it has been proven that going on a spa day is a terrific approach to begin. Taking care of your mental health by unwinding this way is something you can do in Double Bay.

Nirwana Beauty & Spa is one such spa located in Double Bay. Guests can easily unwind at this salon. You can choose from various body and facial treatments at the spa. There are numerous massages and facials among these treatments. Some procedures can also give your look a boost.

2. Visit and hang out in a quiet library.

Libraries can give an incredibly peaceful and orderly environment that helps people focus on things. Still, some folks might find this less interesting. However, the Woollahra Library in Double Bay could change minds.

This library’s unique interior design creates the impression that you are in the middle of a garden indoors. On the upper floor, the wide staircase serves as an amphitheatre and a continuation of the creative layout. The library also has private booths where you can have a good relaxing read alone.

If you’d like to get some rest with your kids, there is a children’s section for you.  Plus, the children’s area is even more fun. It has the stuff needed for arts and crafts and is child-friendly, with cushioned wall crevices and even an indoor slide.

3. Walk, stretch, and relax on the beautiful beaches.

The journey to Double Bay will not feel complete if you do not explore the well-known beaches nearby. There are family-friendly protected beaches, one of which even has a waterfall.

One such stunning beach near the area is Redleaf Beach. Redleaf Beach is one of those picturesque Sydney harbourside beaches that are a pleasure to go to. It is in one of the more magnificent areas of Double Bay. Murray Rose Pool, located west of the beach, is available for visits too. This pool offers a secure area by the harbour to swim in.

4. Have tasty meals for any time of the day.

Great food can reduce stress in many ways, which is why we always recommend going on a food trip when you visit Double Bay. If you’ve visited Sydney before, you might already know of the chic eateries and fantastic food scene here, and Double Bay has its fair share of excellent restaurants.

The food scene in Double Bay has been reborn and is steadily growing. Old-school, Italian, Asian, and fusion – Double Bay has it all. You just need to do a bit of research, and many food places will pop up for you to choose from. So, if you need to unwind after a day of walking and activities in Sydney, a great way to chill would be to eat out.

5. Go to the Savoy Hotel for a memorable and relaxing stay at Double Bay, Sydney.

Stay in the city’s best accommodations if you want a genuinely relaxing getaway. The Savoy Hotel in Double Bay offers tranquil but luxurious lodging in Sydney. Throughout your stay, our skilled and knowledgeable staff will provide you with exceptional, personalised care. We only offer the best possible facilities in each hotel suite.

The Savoy Hotel provides the best lodging in Sydney for yourself and your guests to enjoy. These consist of our Retreat Suite, Family Rooms, and Executive Balcony Rooms.

Book a room at The Savoy Hotel in Double Bay

Book a room at The Savoy Hotel in Double Bay.

Our Sydney accommodation is situated in the centre of Double Bay, giving guests close proximity to each of Sydney’s best attractions and is easy to reach from areas where you can shop, eat, and wander.

The Savoy Hotel is the perfect place to stay in Double Bay, Sydney. We can surely provide you with the most serene accommodations to stay in the area. With 40 lovely suites to select from and 24-hour security, The Savoy can ensure your safety and peace.

Book reservations online or call us on 02 9326 1411. You may also email for enquiries.

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