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Spend your most memorable day in Double Bay.

Weddings are special and momentous occasions. More and more couples are making it extra special by celebrating their love and union in a destination wedding. Why not have your wedding in Double Bay and feel the warmth and hospitality of a top-notch Sydney accommodation?

A destination wedding is defined as one that is celebrated away from the place of the bride and groom live. Usually, the newlyweds also have their honeymoon at the same wedding venue.

Destination weddings are usually more laid back and relaxed. It can be as casual as the couple likes. The bride and groom can do away with the frills and heavy gowns of formal wedding ceremonies.

Most couples choose wedding destinations that have a naturally romantic atmosphere. Beaches, parks, and vineyards make popular choices for wedding destinations. Breathtaking views can transform a simple wedding into a magical and unforgettable one.

Why Choose Double Bay?

Double Bay may not yet be as popular with mainstream tourists, but this harbour side gem is gaining more and more attention. Double Bay boasts of pristine and beautiful beaches, chic shopping centres, beautiful parks, and lovely tree-lined boulevards. This stylish neighbourhood boasts of delicious foods with excellent restaurants, bars, and street-side cafes.

Double Bay is an irresistible and charming suburb perfect for small and romantic gatherings. Its suburb charm and appeal make it a perfect wedding destination. From expansive harbour views to secluded and quiet parks, Double Bay has it all. You will surely have a memorable and unforgettable Double Bay destination wedding.

Beautiful Double Bay Wedding Destinations

Double Bay has many beautiful and notable sites that are perfect for your destination wedding. Here, we have curated the top wedding locations in Double Bay, so you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Blackburn Gardens

Garden weddings are enchanting and relaxing at the same time

Garden weddings are enchanting and relaxing at the same time. Imagine walking down the aisle with the sounds of the chirping birds in the background and the splendour of nature. With garden weddings, you can also skip on costly decorations.

Blackburn Gardens is a beautiful heritage garden located on New South Head Road. Situated above Seven Shillings Beach and Murray Rose Pool, it gives visitors a breathtaking view of the Sydney Harbour.

The restored heritage garden has the following amenities:

  • Benches
    and tables
  • Public
  • Access
    to Seven Shillings Beach and Murray Rose Pool

Blackburn Gardens will give you a romantic and relaxing wedding atmosphere that you and your guests will enjoy. It will also give you a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos.

McKell Park

perfect location for a rustic themed wedding.

If you are all about breathtaking views, then McKell Park is the perfect wedding location for you in Double Bay. It is also the perfect location for a rustic themed wedding.

Say your wedding vows with the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge in the background. The park, with its manicured gardens, is a dreamy spot to swear your love and loyalty to your special someone.

You can choose to have your wedding on the green park lawns or the Canonbury Cottage on the park grounds. McKell Park has access to the harbour and the public ferry wharf. You and your guests can take lots of scenic photographs after the ceremony.

The park features the following amenities:

  • Ferry
  • Public
  • Manicured
  • Gardens
  • Canonbury

Rose Bay Park

Intimate and small wedding

If you want an intimate and small beach wedding, then you might want to consider Rose Bay Park. Rose Bay Park is a small harbour beach situated between Point Piper and Rose Bay Marinas. The secluded beach is the ideal spot to have a chill, barefoot kind of beach wedding.

Swear your everlasting love with the music of the splashing waves and the soft breeze, and your closest family and friends as witnesses. Rose Bay Park is perfect for couples who are laid back yet still want to have a sweet and romantic wedding.  After your wedding ceremony, you can have your reception in several venues nearby the beach.

Clark Island

one of the most in-demand wedding destination in Sydney

Clark Island is one of Sydney’s popular wedding destinations. You can take a water taxi ride to get to Clark Island from Double Bay.

The island boasts of amazing and unparalleled harbour views and lovely grassy slopes. Its views, along with the romantic ambience, make it one of the most in-demand wedding destination in Sydney.

Your guests will surely be enamoured by the island’s beautiful views and surroundings. Savour the fantastic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Your wedding photos will definitely be postcard material, and you and your spouse will have wonderful photographs to look at in the future.

Clark Island has the following amenities:

  • Electric
  • Public
  • Picnic

Other Things to Do at Double Bay After the Wedding

enjoy vintage wines at some of Double Bay’s popular wine cellars

Don’t go home immediately after the wedding! Double Bay has so much to offer to make your stay delightful. On the night after your wedding, you and your entourage can visit Double Bay’s popular food joints and pubs. You can also enjoy vintage wines at some of Double Bay’s popular wine cellars.

The next day, you can take a dip at the Murray Rose Pool, a beautiful tidal enclosure that gives you unobstructed views of the harbour. You can also take an energising harbour walk from Rose Bay to Watson’s Bay.

Before you head home, check out Double Bay’s famous high-end shops. Treat yourself to popular local and international fashion brands.

Check-in at Savoy Hotel for your Double Bay Destination Wedding

You deserve only the best Sydney accommodation for your wedding. Savoy Hotel offers excellent and high-quality Double Bay Sydney accommodation. Experience personalised and thoughtful service provided by our professional and well-trained staff.

We offer first-class amenities in every hotel room. From our Executive Balcony Rooms, Family Rooms, to our Retreat Suite, we have the perfect Sydney accommodation for you and your guests. Located at the heart of Double Bay, Savoy Hotel boasts easy access to all the finest restaurants and the coolest shopping boutiques. Call us now for your reservations.

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