Breathtaking Scenic Hikes in Sydney

Breathtaking Scenic Hikes in Sydney

Put your boots on and explore Sydney by foot

There a lot of good places to go around in Sydney. Whether a solo traveller, a couple or a group, things are pretty easy and convenient here – places to shop, eat, or drink are not uncommon sights. On top of that, ideal accommodation in Sydney is also easy to find. From the city to the wilderness, you can find anything in the New South Wales capital.

There are also many hiking trails in and around Sydney. Hardcore hikers can put their grit to the test against many of Australia’s most demanding and untouched wilderness, and rookie explorers can also find themselves a good beginner trail.

5 Amazing Hiking Paths to Try in Sydney

5 Amazing Hiking Paths to Try in Sydney

There are plenty of breathtaking places in Sydney for beginner and experienced hikers alike. In addition, some trails are easily accessible from Sydney accommodation, which is a huge plus too. Compiled by the staff here at The Savoy Hotel, Double Bay, here are some top picks for Sydney hiking.

America Bay

  • How far is it? 1.8 km
  • How much time will it take? 1.5 hours
  • Level: Beginner

The America Bay trail is the shortest and quickest on this list. Still, what it lacks in distance and duration, it makes up for in mind-blowing scenery. This trail has some of the most photogenic views on this list – this path is recommended for all photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

The American Bay Trail runs through the centre of Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park and many beautiful trees and other flora surround the trail during certain times of year.

From the brush, the trail leads to a creek that flows over a rocky platform overlooking the bay and Cowan Creek. During the summer, it’s the ideal area for a peaceful picnic or some sunbathing.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk

  • How far is it? 2.2 km
  • How much time will it take? 1.5 hours
  • Level: Beginner

One popular trail in Barrenjoey Headland is the journey up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. This trail lies in the far northern point of Palm Beach in Sydney.

Hikers can take in the breathtaking views of the ocean on top of the hill to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. To get there, two walking trails are available to use. It’s recommended to take one route going up and then use the other to return to the beach.

Built in 1881, the historical sandstone lighthouse stands tall at 113 metres high and has long been a popular Sydney destination.

From this height, the sights from the Barrenjoey Lighthouse are simply spectacular. The gorgeous scenery stretches up to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Broken Bay, and Sydney’s shoreline.

Bondi to Manly Coastal Hike

  • How far is it? 80 km
  • How much time will it take? 2-8 days
  • Level: Advanced

Thanks to its spectacular and distinctive coastline, Sydney has no shortage of thrilling coastal hikes. The Bondi to Manly Coastal Hike is an extremely long hike between Bondi and Manly Beach, a continuous series of shorter walks strung together. The Bondi to Manly Beach coastal hiking path was opened in late 2019.  Even if it’s long, it’s safe as it has plenty of signage to ensure you don’t get lost.

Most people do this hike in phases because it is so long. Depending on your experience level, conquering this magnificent and unique seaside trip might take two to eight days. However, one thing is certain: this hike can show the best of Sydney Harbour!

Jingga Walking Track

  • How far is it? 2.4 km
  • How much time will it take? 2 hours
  • Level: Beginner

The Jingga Walking Track ,within Dharawal National Park, is a short and steep hike. However, this is the best trail for those fond of swimming as this track really shines in the summer. Still, it remains a fantastic walk any time of the year.

This trail leads to a clearing with a freshwater swimming hole at its centre. From the small cliffs around it, you can jump into its waters from the O’Hares Creek, then walk through the bush to the edge of the water. However, visitors are advised not to swim directly after a rain shower since the level of run-off is at its maximum.

This walking track is ideal for seeing native wildlife. Keep a lookout for the birds and animals that live in this section of Dharawal. Adorable creatures, such as swamp wallabies, sugar gliders, and cute long-nosed potoroos, can also be found here.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail

How far is it? 8.5 km

How much time will it take? 4.5 hours

Level: Beginner toIntermediate

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail is the trail for folks who want to go outdoors without leaving the comfort of society.  There are plenty of rest stops, picnic tables and barbecues along the edge of the Narrabeen Lagoon. Communal facilities are present for people to take breaks in and eat around. Plus, the views across the lake are stunning.

Shorter parts of the track towards Pipeclay Point provide a glimpse of the bush while remaining close to civilisation. The Narrabeen Lagoon Trail is wheelchair accessible and generally level. This makes it ideal for families with kids or those with restricted mobility.

Looking for the perfect place to stay in Sydney

Looking for the perfect place to stay in Sydney?

After a thrilling and adventurous hike, there’s no better place to unwind than a Sydney accommodation like The Savoy Hotel, Double Bay.

The Savoy Hotel offers excellent, professional accommodation in Sydney and our Double Bay location allows you to maximise your time. It is conveniently located near multiple popular attractions, which can help you make the most of your trip.

Our immaculate service is paired with our impeccable facilities, which can help you enjoy your adventures in Sydney. During your visit, our skilled and experienced personnel will provide you with personalised treatment and care.

Located in the heart of Double Bay, The Savoy Hotel gives visitors easy access to Sydney’s best attractions. After a hike, there are a lot of fun things to do. With convenient access to your Sydney accommodation, you can shop, dine, and walk. For a memorable Sydney adventure vacation, book at The Savoy Hotel, Double Bay. Visit us at and see what we have to offer, give us a call on 02 9326 1411 or email us at for further enquiries.

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