Bike Trails in Double Bay

Bike Trails in Double Bay - Double Bay Accommodation Sydney - The Savoy Hotel

Bike Trails in and around Double Bay

Interested in exploring scenic Double Bay while breaking a sweat? Set yourself up for an exciting adventure by cycling through clean and beautiful bike trails just minutes away from your Sydney accommodation at Savoy Hotel!

Double Bay bike trails

While Double Bay has no bike trails of its own, its convenient location is great for locals and tourists alike because it’s close to lots of tourist attractions. It is also close to several bike trails and pathways in nearby suburbs. All these make Double Bay a practical and attractive spot for your vacation. You can do everything you want to do, like shopping, touring, and dining. Make it more exciting by exploring the city deeper on a bike.

Cycling spots close to the Double Bay area

From your accessible Sydney accommodation, there are plenty of cycling places to go to for a quick tour of the city. Here are some key bike trails worth visiting.

1. Centennial Park

Centennial Park is just south of Double Bay. It has one of the oldest cycling trails in the country. The park has been open to cyclists since the early 1900s. It offers cycle lanes, trails, and pathways for everyone.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you’ll always be able to find a lane or cycleway that fits your specific skill level. Basically, its cycle ways are perfect for riders of all ages and all experiences, making its cycle paths attractive to all. No wonder at least three-quarters of a million cyclists ride in the park every year!

Bike Trails in Double Bay - Bike Trails

2. Sydney Park Bike Track

A little farther off towards the south east of Double Bay is the Sydney Park Bike Track. The Sydney Park Bike Track is relatively new and caters to children and cycle beginners. The track is perfect for anyone learning how to cycle and control their bikes.

Moreover, the trails have trees and shrubs, small hills and bridges, stop signs, tunnels, and more. It was made all to ensure that any beginner will be carefully guided and alert of any potential injury or danger in the city streets or off-trail.

3. Bay Run

Love a scenic waterside view as you cycle? If so, you’ll enjoy blazing through the Bay Run course!

The Bay Run’s bike route promises a breathtaking view of the Iron Cove as it follows the shoreline. You’ll also get to cross several different suburbs, including Rozelle, Drummoyne, Russel Lea, Rodd Point, Five Dock, Haberfield, and Lilyfield. More than that, you’ll get a chance to see the most captivating view of the City’s Central Business District.

Bay Run is perfect for relaxation with the serene movement of the water, the view of the shoreline, and the far-away sight of the city. A tranquil nature adventure awaits every cyclist.

Bike tours around Sydney

If you aren’t too keen on going to set bike trails and just want a tour close to your Sydney accommodation, you’ll be surprised to know that many tours are available near you.

A few minutes from Double Bay – closer to the Sydney Opera House – there are the ever famous Bonza Bike Tours, the Bike Buffs, the City Cycle Tours, and the Blue Bananas Electric Bikes. All of these tours are accessible and conveniently located. Each tour will guide you to some of the most popular areas in Sydney.

Bike Trails in Double Bay - Bike Trails

Best Sydney accommodation for your next adventure

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