20 of The Best Kids’ Activities in Double Bay

20 of The Best Kids’ Activities in Double Bay

Make family memories in Double Bay, Sydney

Would you like to have an amazing family holiday in Sydney? Bonding and creating memories leave a long-lasting imprint for years to come. Double Bay in eastern Sydney offers fun activities for adults and kids alike, so why not maximise your Double Bay vacation with these activities for the little ones and the entire family and taking some well-earned family time at The Savoy Hotel, Double Bay?

Arts and creativity for kids

Arts and creativity for kids

1. Art n Move

Art n Move was set up primarily to develop children through art and craft, movement and music, story time, and dramatic play. Groupings of fun activities are according to age.

2. Koolart

Sand art is another fun and easy activity that kiddos can enjoy at Koolart. With inexpensive hours of entertainment, tots will surely love to take home something they have worked out, with a sense of fulfillment. “Sand Art games and sand art products by Koolart are a fun and creative way for children to enthral themselves with their own talent”.

3. Creative Fairies Entertainment

A creative workshop like face painting in fairy parties reveals the natural flair for design. Cartooning is another fun activity where children learn to draw awesome cartoons. Belly art is another unique bonding experience between mums-to-be and their kids. Bellies painted with customized design thrill moms and kids alike. Experience these activities at Creative Fairies Entertainment.

4. Toon Creations

Cartooning and drawing workshops develop young minds and encourage creative expression. Kids draw their favourite cartoon characters by finding hidden shapes, letters, and numbers. They also learn how to create 3D images at Toon Creations.

Music and Entertainment classes for kids

Music and Entertainment classes for kids

5. Cheekytunes

Teaching kids how to play musical instruments foster their love for music, and they can do so at Cheekytunes. This musical incursion keeps families connected as they share interactive and multisensory songs.

6. Coogee Dance Company

At Coogee Dance Company, the goal is to create healthy, happy, and confident kids through dance lessons. By venturing into a competition-free environment, every child feels like a star and gains friends in the process.

7. Kids Up Front Drama Academy

Kids Up Front Drama Academy offers fun and dynamic drama programs. Kids develop confidence and improve performance skills. They learn to communicate effectively in a fun and creative setup.

8. Music Bee Studio

An enjoyable learning experience through music awaits at Music Bee Studio. Babies can explore and react to new sounds, sensations, and movements. Older toddlers initiate their ideas. It nurtures socio-emotional growth and cognitive development in a fun environment.

9. Tutu Studios for Pre-School Ballet

Tutu Studios offers toddler ballet, jazz, and contemporary tap classes for children. Children are engaged in a joyful and nurturing story-based ballet class. Through dance, they could swim like a mermaid, shoot like a rocket, or fly like Peter Pan.

10. Einsteinz Music

Fun and interactive music classes await kids with musical inclination at Einsteinz Music. Casual options are available for visitors to Double Bay so your children can have time to explore beat, pitch, rhythm, and tempo.

Fitness and Sports activities for kids

Fitness and Sports activities for kids

11. Play n Move

Storytelling, puppet shows, music, and interactive play stimulate the imagination of babies aged 6-14 months. Enjoy these activities at Play n Move, by Art n Move, helps enhance learning and nurtures developing skills.

12. Strike Bowling Bar

With blue party lighting, a fully-equipped cocktail bar and a gourmet kitchen, Strike Bowling Bar is not your ordinary ten-pin bowling alley. Kids can enjoy Nickelodeon Kids Cartoon Channel on tv screens, while adults can sing to their heart’s delight in karaoke rooms. There are game machines, pool tables, and music videos for everyone.

13. UNSW Judo Club

Big ball sumo, pillow fight, and crash mat battles. Safe falling, jumping, balance, and contact awareness. These are fitness activities designed to help instil discipline and gain confidence. At UNSW Judo Club, kids learn self-defence and have lots of fun and enjoy themselves.

14. Football Party

You can never go wrong with football parties. Kids get to experience being team captains in the process. Moreover, kids can ride ponies alongside adults galloping in horses and airbrush tattooing adds up to a fun and educational experience.

15. Skills and Thrills

The #1 marketplace for kids’ activities, Skills and Thrills offers fun holiday activities such as:

  • Holiday rock climbing camp
  • Circus Days Holiday Program
  • Little farmers and Cooking Stars Day Camp
  • Basketball Camp
  • Minecraft Agent Coding
  • Lego Stem Challenge
  • Mosaic Art and Creative Writing
  • Illustration Art Workshops.

16. Gogo Healthy Kids

Children who learn different sports activities at Gogo Healthy Kids holiday camps improve fundamental movement skills, develop teamwork and camaraderie, as well as enjoying an active lifestyle.

17. Flying Yogis

Yoga mindfulness blends well with gymnastics at Flying Yogis. It helps develop agility and coordination for kids and is a real opportunity to reconnect with your little ones, one on one.

Science and General Knowledge

Science and General Knowledge

18. Kidz Zoo

Most zoos prohibit the petting and feeding of animals but Kidz Zoo is the opposite. Hand-raised animals by trained staff are kind and good-tempered. Petting, feeding and playing with fave farm animals inside a safe and secure environment will give the kids a day to remember.

19. Peter Wood Funny Magic Show

Kids will be mesmerised by magical routines at Peter Wood Funny Magic Show. Your little ones will be captivated by his sense of humour!

Story Squad

Story Squad

Story squad seeks to empower children by helping them express ideas through storytelling as it feeds hungry imaginations through creative thinking. Your young ones will love Story Squad.

20. The Sconery

At The Sconery, children learn to experiment and enhance their taste buds. This experience may awaken a passion that leads to a bright future! At around 2 hours per session, kids can make cupcakes, biscuits or chocolate crackles and decorate them to their hearts’ content.

Entertain your family while staying at The Savoy, Double Bay

Engaging kid activities are approximately 2 to 5 km from Double bay, which is also where the Savoy Hotel is situated. Covid-safe, this tranquil oasis at the heart of Double Bay offers amenities at affordable rates. Close to ferries and transport, your accommodation in Sydney will create happy memories with loved ones. Make your reservations today by contacting us on +(61) 2 9326 1411 or emailing us at info@savoyhotel.com.au.

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