Best Golf Locations in Sydney

Best Golf Locations in Sydney

Indeed, Sydney has some of the best fairways in the world.

Fresh air, great greens, and engaging game — what’s not to love about golf? Even better for Sydneysiders that they don’t have to travel far to the nearest golf course. With so many choices, it only comes down to knowing which clubs still have space for players.

If you happen to be in Sydney (or anywhere near) looking to have a round or two, you’re in luck. Most of the golf courses are just a few minutes away from your Sydney accommodation, no matter where that is, because Sydney has the best selection of places to play golf for all enthusiasts at any level. Read on to find out more.

12 Unforgettable Sydney Golfing Locations

The Australian Golf Club

The Australian Golf Club

One of the best golf places in all of Australia, The Australian Golf Club is a truly historical golf course. Founded in 1882, it is the oldest golf course in Australia. It is the home of the Australian Open and The Cadogan Cup.

This world-class golf course has undergone two major revamps, most recently in 2013, transforming the Australian Golf Club into the challenging golf sanctuary that it is today. Those who are fortunate enough to play on this hallowed ground will agree: It belongs to the crème de la crème of the golf clubs.

  • The Australian Golf Club, 53 Bannerman Crescent, Rosebery, 2018
  • 02 9663 2273
  • Monday to Sunday, 7am to 7pm
  • Members & invitees only
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

The Royal Sydney Golf Club

True to its name, The Royal Sydney Golf Club is extremely exclusive and many key golfers have graced its acreage. Membership entails an unbelievable waitlist that can require references from people of influence.

Professional and amateur golfers alike will find the Royal Sydney Golf Club traditional. Its ground is challenging and often deceptive, with plenty of bunkers to test the player’s ability. There are also other sports offered in the estate and accommodation is offered to members of the Royal Sydney Golf Club, subject to availability.

  • The Royal Sydney Golf Club, Kent Rd, Rose Bay NSW 2029
  • 02 8362 7000
  • Members & invitees only
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

The Lakes Golf Club

Flanking the Sydney Airport, the Lakes Golf Club is also among the country’s finest and distinguished golf course. The top-calibre fairway boasts impressive tournament history, such as hosting the Australian PGA, Ampol Tournament, ANZ Championship, and Chrysler Classic.

Playing at the Lakes Golf Club comes with a premium unless one is a member. Membership requirements include no less than four referees, a recommendation letter, and a CV. The process culminates with an interview before one finally becomes a part of the high-tier Lakes Golf Club.

  • The Lakes Golf Club, Vernon Avenue & King Street, Eastlakes, 2018
  • 02 9669 1311
  • Open Mondays, 8am-6pm; Tuesdays, 6:30am-6pm and Wednesday to Sunday, 6am-6pm
  • $250 for a player invited by a member, $350 for an uninvited player
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

New South Wales Golf Club

The esteemed New South Wales Golf Club is a challenging gem, nestled at the Cape Banks on the Northern headland of Botany Bay. Its rolling fairways, rugged features, changing sea winds and water hazard make for an extremely tricky play, but despite its particularly challenging nature, the New South Wales Golf Club is highly celebrated.

This golf course is included among the best in the world, and many golfers hold this golf course in high regard.

  • The New South Wales Golf Club, Botany Bay National Park, 101 Henry Head Lane, La Perouse, 2036
  • 02 9661 4455
  • Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm
  • Members & invitees only, public slots for an official handicap
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

St. Michael’s Golf Club

Cradled in the same coastland as New South Wales Golf Club, St Michael’s Golf Club will also have golfers playing against the volatile sea breeze. With plentiful local accommodation options, the lavish and deceptive rolling links and fantastic ocean views give you a top-tier golf experience in Sydney.

  • St. Michael’s Golf Club, Jennifer Street, Little Bay, NSW 2036
  • 02 9326 8000
  • Monday to Sunday, 7am to 6pm
  • $90-$100
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

Bankstown Golf Club

A golf course anyone can play, Bankstown Golf Club is easy on the green fees without scrimping on enjoyment. The beautiful tree-dotted fairways are peppered with bunkers and balanced by the dearth of ocean winds. Bankstown Golf Club is a modest but well-manicured golf course with natural, exquisite scenery. It is a perfect place for those looking for a relaxing yet engaging afternoon tee time.

  • Bankstown Golf Club, 70 Ashford Avenue, Milperra, 2214
  • 02 9773 0628
  • Sunday to Friday, 10am to 7pm; Saturday, 9:30am to 7pm
  • $60, with occasional 50% discount
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

Long Reef Golf Club

For reasonable green fees, one can enjoy a game amidst the fantastic backdrop of Central Coast and the Northern Beaches. The Long Reef Golf Club is considered to have one of the finest course layouts there is in the whole of Sydney golf courses. It is also a popular beachfront retreat for celebratory occasions.

  • Long Reef Golf Club, Anzac Avenue, Collaroy, 2097
  • 02 9971 8113
  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm; Saturday to Sunday, 8am to 5pm
  • $35-$75 (9 or 18 holes)
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club

The Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club is a picturesque find, hidden in the rolling topography in the far west around Eastern Creek. The relatively young golf course is known for affordability and at $40 average green fees, one can experience a challenging game marked with plenty of sand traps and water features. The charming scenery and well-maintained links course add to the sensory experience. When looking for the best places to play golf in Sydney, consider this golf course.

  • Stonecutter’s Ridge Golf Club, 86 Stonecutters Drive, Colebee, 2761
  • 02 9627 7081
  • Thursday to Saturday, 6am to 10pm; Sunday & Tuesday to Wednesday, 6am to 9pm; Monday, 6am-5pm
  • $50-$55
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

Moore Park Golf Course

Accessible from the CBD, the Moore Park Golf Course offers the striking visual contrast of lovely undulating greens and the Sydney skyline. It is also accessible to most Sydney accommodations, such as the Savoy Hotel. The 18-hole golf course is open to all players of all ability levels but it can be a pleasantly tricky round of golf to some and a little too challenging for novices.

  • Moore Park Golf Course, Corner Anzac Parade & Cleveland Street, Moore Park, 2021
  • 02 9663 1064
  • Monday to Sunday, 6am-11pm
  • $41-65 (18 holes)
Mona Vale Golf Club

Mona Vale Golf Club

Sydney has arguably the best golf courses in the country at all price points. There are exclusive places to play and affordable ones as well and Mona Vale Golf Club falls in the second category.  Offering a great golfing experience, the tree-lined terrain with a rumbling ocean backdrop gives the best bang for the buck.

Widely regarded by golf enthusiasts as one of Australia’s best, Mona Vale Golf Club regularly hosts the NSW Amateur Championship. The golf course delivers a challenging round that can get intense with the changing ocean breeze and hilly topography with abundant sand traps.

  • Mona Vale Golf Club, 3 Golf Avenue, Mona Vale, 2103
  • 02 9999 4266
  • Monday to Thursday, 6am-9pm; Friday/Saturday, 6am-11:30pm; Sunday 6am-8:30pm
  • $32-52
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

Northbridge Golf Club

For something slightly different from the usual ocean or city skyline as a backdrop, the Northbridge Golf Club has perky harbour views. Open to the public, anyone is welcome to have a go at its Par 64 course.

The billowy fairways hold 18 holes and enough bunkers through the winding red gums, while the lush trees and birdlife, plus the sight of boats dotting the waters, create a dynamic atmosphere. The Northbridge Golf Club is popular among those visiting Sydney, because accommodation, shops, and restaurants are plentiful in the area.

  • Northbridge Golf Club, Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge, 2063
  • 02 9958 6900
  • Mon-Sun 8am-5pm
  • $25-$38
Best Golf Locations in Sydney - Sydney

The Coast Golf Club

Situated close to the pricier St Michael’s and the New South Wales Golf Clubs, the Coast Golf Club is a fantastic and affordable golf course alternative. At $50 average green fees, one can experience the same challenges of 18-hole tight fairways and enjoy a challenge with sudden influxe of sea breeze along the back 9 and 15. The beautiful greens and the gorgeous Botany Bay ocean views complete the golfing experience that is indeed one of the best places to play golf in Sydney.

  • The Coast Golf Club, 1 Coast Hospital Road, Little Bay, 2036
  • 02 9311 7422
  • Monday & Wednesday to Thursday, 7am-6pm; Tuesday & Friday to Sunday, 6am-6pm
  • $35-$60

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