A Night Out of Drinking in Double Bay

A Night Out of Drinking in Double Bay - A Night Out of Drinking in Double Bay Accommodation Sydney - The Savoy Hotel

If you’ve ever been to Double Bay, you may be familiar with its upscale boutiques and restaurants. It’s more popularly known as a shopping district, but not a lot of people know about the nightlife.

Double Bay has a variety of bars. It has its old-fashioned pubs, as well as modern bars. Whether you want a quiet and relaxing meet up with friends or a jam-packed bar complete with singers and bands, it will always be easy for you to find your perfect drinking spot near your Sydney accommodation.

We’ll tell you more about our most popular bars here in Double Bay.

Notable bars in Double Bay

Here are some of Double Bay’s famous bars all conveniently located near your Sydney accommodation:

1. Mrs. Sippy

Double Bay’s first-ever bar, Mrs. Sippy, opened as a simple open-air kiosk. Double Bay was not known for bars, but Mrs. Sippy changed this.

Mrs. Sippy offers not only a variety of cocktails and drinks; it also has a deliciously modern take on Australian cuisine. It is not only a bar, but it is also a restaurant and a coffee shop. It adds every bit of excitement to a once uneventful Double Bay. No wonder it’s easy to find Sydney accommodation near Mrs. Sippy!

2. The Golden Sheaf

The Golden Sheaf is anything but ordinary. It is one of the those amazing bars that combines a classic pub and great club all in one. The Golden Sheaf is known for its two areas. One showcases a traditional pub where sports fans usually gather and watch. The other has a tranquil beer garden that makes you feel like a VIP.

Not interested in any of these? You can go straight to its gaming lounges. Not to mention, it also boasts of its high-end food menu that can satisfy any customer.

3. Bibo Wine Bar

If you want a simple yet fancy bar experience, you may want to consider Bibo Wine Bar. This wine bar offers a fantastic array of wine, all aged and perfectly served before your eyes.

Its beautiful wine display makes you feel like you’re walking into a wine museum. The dim lighting also adds a touch of class to the already sophisticated setting. The food is made only with the best quality meats and freshest greens. Clearly, fine dining at its best! It’s a great place to impress a beautiful date.

4. Bedouin Restaurant Bar and Lounge

In for a Middle Eastern bar and restaurant experience right by your accommodation Sydney? Immerse yourself in a Lebanese pub and dining location at the Bedouin Restaurant Bar and Lounge. The Bedouin was meticulously decorated with elegant interiors to give its customers a Middle Eastern experience without ever having to leave Double Bay. Its authentic Lebanese cuisine comes from the heart and passion of three generations of family heritage. All of which can be perfectly paired with the right drink.

5. 18 Footers Bar and Restaurant

Looking for a breathtaking view of the sea while sipping a glass or two? 18 Footers Bar and Restaurant may be the one for you. It is conveniently located at the Double Bay Ferry Wharf.

18 Footers offers not only a restaurant and dining experience but also a magnificent view of the waterfront at Sydney Harbour. While it hosts sailing events during the day, at night it can be quite romantic. You can even host parties of functions in its area for bar and dining experience literally by the bay!

Sydney accommodation for the perfect night out

Planning a night out at Double Bay? The Savoy Hotel Double Bay is definitely the place to be! Not only does it offer the best hotel rooms, rates, dining and more. It is also just a walking distance from these famous bars. Cap the night off to a wonderful hotel experience. Book a night or two at the Savoy Hotel Double Bay now!

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