8 Sydney Date Night Ideas

8 Sydney Date Night Ideas

Make it a fun and romantic night with your special someone.

Are you staying at an accommodation in Sydney for a honeymoon? Are you planning to meet someone new in the city? Well then, you will undoubtedly find an interesting activity for a date night in this bustling city.

Coming up with a unique and memorable Sydney date night experience can be challenging. But sometimes, you just have to take it up a notch instead of just simply eating out.

If you already have your accommodation in Sydney covered, then your next step is to plan the rest of your date night. Read the list below for some Sydney date night ideas that will impress your significant other.

Make it a fun and romantic night with your special someone.

1. Do a quirky activity for your Sydney date night.

Looking for something new, unique and fun? How about trying out axe throwing for a unique date night? Maniax Axe Throwing has two branches in Sydney. They are open every day of the week so call them up to schedule a session with your date.

Mini golf may be a good option if you’re looking for a more toned-down level of excitement. Holey Moley is the go-to venue for mini-golf. They have eight venues in NSW, and you will surely find one close to you.

If you are staying at your Sydney accommodation for a longer time and would like to practice your golf skills, consider some of the best driving ranges in the city. An indoor facility is also available in case of intermittent showers.

Step out of your comfort zone! Check out if there are other activities near your Sydney accommodation that you and your partner have not done before.

2. Satisfy your need for speed.

A rush of adrenaline is sure to take your date night to the next level. Shake things up and consider zipping around a track at Hyper Karting. They are open Monday to Sunday from 7:30 am to 12:30 am. They even have a group booking option which is perfect for a double date.

3. Express your creative side.

You can take a painting class if you are a little further down the dating road with your partner. You can even make it more interesting by enrolling in a boozy painting class.

Impress your partner with your painting skills and have a relaxing chat while you drink some wine. Do check out Champainting or Cork and Chroma for some fun paint and sip sessions.

Pottery is another creative outlet you can consider for your Sydney date night. Clayground offers classes for couples with no needed experience required. Your date night may be a tad bit messy, but your partner might enjoy learning something new.

4. Dance your date night away.

Take a dance class and sweep your date off their feet as you both dance the night away. Swing Patrol offers Level 1 classes which are perfect for beginners. They also teach different types of dances like swing, Balboa, Lindy Hop, and more.

However, if you are looking for a more romantic take on a dance class, then consider booking a class at William Maslin. They have a specific package created for couples on a date night. They even call it “Sydney’s number 1 date night experience.”

You are in for an experience because the package includes more than just a private dance class. It also comes with two bottles of bubbly, one for you and your partner, and a cheese board for sharing.

But before you enrol in the class, make sure that your partner is comfortable with the activity. Dancing can get intimate, and if you are meeting a person for the first time, then perhaps consider a different activity and save this one for later down the relationship.

5. Sweat it out.

Bouldering and indoor rock climbing have been gaining interest, especially since it’s a fun way to work out. So, if you are looking for a more physically challenging activity with your date, consider this for your date night.

There are several indoor rock-climbing gyms in Sydney right now, so check them out! You and your partner can also invite your friends and turn this into a fun bonding activity.

Indoor skydiving would also take your date night up a notch. Check out iFly, the country’s first indoor skydiving facility. They conduct a safe, accessible, and fun activity that you will surely enjoy with your date. However, you may want to check your beau’s comfort level first prior to booking a slot.

6. Watch a live performance.

Nothing beats a live music performance if you’re looking for a romantic Sydney date night. Check out the city’s top live music venue, the Oxford Art Factory for any local, international, and even up-and-coming acts.

Go to Venue 505 for a more relaxing vibe. Snuggle up with your date listening to jazz, blues, and funk music. If you are looking for a bigger act or international performers, then book a ticket at The Enmore Theatre.

7. Go on a gastronomical escapade.

Sydney is proud of its many great restaurants that offer culinary delights. In fact, here’s a comprehensive list of the top 57 best restaurants in Sydney to help you decide.

The city’s long list of excellent restaurants serves a diverse range of cuisines, from Mediterranean dishes to Japanese izakaya staples. Whatever you and your partner are craving, there will surely be a place for you to eat in Sydney.

Yes, some may consider eating out an easy option for a date night. However, having a good meal and a pleasant conversation would truly make a memorable experience.

SYDNEY is a romantic city in and of itself.

8. Take your partner on a staycation.

Sydney is a romantic city in and of itself. In fact, you may choose not to leave the city and simply book a relaxing staycation for your date night.

It would be best to choose a hotel on the quiet side of Sydney, like The Savoy Hotel. Here, everything is just a few steps away from our doorstep. Even the harbourside beach and the ferry wharf can be reached just by taking a short stroll.

Consider The Savoy Hotel Double Bay for your next Sydney date night. Call us on + (61 2) 9326 1411 to enquire or book a room today.

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