7 Best Fish and Chips In and Around Double Bay

Have a taste of the best fish and chips when touring around Double Bay in Sydney.

Fish and chips has practically become an important part of the Australian experience. Go down to any corner in any town and you will surely find a joint that sells some delicious fish and chips.

You will see this dynamic duo in cafes, bistros, and restaurants – be it wrapped in paper or served with fine silverware. You will not be able to complete your stay here without having tried some fish and chips.

Have a delicious fish and chips dining experience in and around Double Bay

Double Bay offers Sydney accommodation that is perfect for travellers. This luxurious harbourside suburb was originally a fishing village. This is why you will be able to find fresh and delectable fish and chip options in and around Double Bay.

7 Best Fish and Chips In and Around Double Bay - Fish and Chips

Have a hearty dining experience in the best fish and chip places in the area, among them:

1. Costi’s Fish and Chips

Costi’s Fish and Chips has quick service and tasty seafood that you’ll surely want to come back for over and over. Their fish, as well as other seafood, is prepared and served fresh. It’s like you’re eating fish right out of the sea. You will also get your meals right away, which is no mean feat considering the volume of people that go in and out their eatery.

2. The Fish Shop

Found in Potts Point, The Fish Shop’s meals are tad bit more pricey and sophisticated. If you want to eat fish and chips in a refined and upscale setting, then this is the place for you. Their fish options are perfectly battered, with a generous accompaniment of home-made chips and tartare sauce.

Their nautical theme will also really get you in the mood to munch on that delicious seafood.

3. Out of the Blue

There will always be a long queue of diners waiting outside this restaurant in Coogee. Out of the Blue is on a corner spot and locals enjoy going back for their consistently delicious food. They cook their fish with a crunchy crust that you’ll want to immediately get your hands on and dig into.

There is also something truly nostalgic with their fish and chips coming wrapped in paper. In this old-school style, you can take your meal out and relax by the beach.

4. Bondi’s Best Seafood

Without a doubt, Bondi’s Best Seafood truly has the best seafood in Bondi. Their fish is covered in their signature beer batter. It is then cooked until the inside is tender, while the outside is crunchy and golden. They also serve the perfect tartare and chips that really balances out the flavours.

At Bondi’s Best Seafood, not only will you enjoy a delicious meal, you will also be able to sit back and relax in the restaurant’s beachy ambience. Eating by the ocean never tasted this good!

5. Fish at the Rocks

Fish at the Rocks has been serving some of the best fish in chip in Sydney for years. It’s the secret to their longevity. Their fish and chips are the real deal – having just the right mix of tastes, being the classic fish and chips we know and love.

6. Fat Fish

The seafood in this Annandale restaurant never fails to have excellent flavours and top-of-the-line freshness. You also have a lot of choices and including traditional fish and chips, or the different styles and flavours. Their food is worth the money.

7. Sea Cow

Sea Cow is one of Sydney’s best upscale restaurants that serves fish and chips. Once you’ve had a taste of their fresh seafood, it will definitely go right on your list of favourites. Don’t be shy, just indulge in that fish and chip goodness.

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