4 Wise Tips When Booking a Hotel for a Weekend vs Booking for a Week

4 Wise Tips When Booking a Hotel for a Weekend vs Booking for a Week

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is always welcome. Whether you want a quick getaway for just a weekend or if you’re looking to explore an area for a week, booking the right Sydney accommodation for your trip is a must. Before you click on that ‘Book Now’ button, make sure to read on below. We’ve got some tips when booking a hotel for a weekend getaway and booking for a week.

Tips for weekend hotel bookings

Generally speaking, booking a room at a hotel for the weekend is more expensive than the weekdays. Plus, there’s a higher possibility that more people will be with you during those dates because the weekend is the only days off from work for most people. But booking Sydney accommodation for a weekend doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re smart and patient. Below are some tips on how to save for weekend hotel bookings.

Check for last-minute deals.

Some hotels provide last-minute deals for low prices. The key here is to follow the social media page of the hotel or sign-up for newsletters so you can easily find out if there’s a last-minute deal that may work with your schedule.

4 Wise Tips When Booking a Hotel for a Weekend vs Booking for a Week - Booking

Be flexible.

It may also benefit you to be flexible with your schedule. Why not try staying from Saturday through Monday instead of the usual Friday to Sunday? Adjusting your trip by a day can help you save money. Note also that not all weekends are created equal. Be aware of any special celebrations or events happening during the weekend of your trip. If there is one near the hotel you’re considering, expect a higher than usual room rate.

Tips for a week-long Sydney accommodation

While not everyone has the opportunity to be away from work for a week, taking this type of trip may prove to be beneficial to your overall wellbeing. Sometimes a weekend getaway cannot just cut it. If you have ever thought of booking an accommodation Sydney for a week, consider the tips below.

Consider staying mid-week.

Instead of starting your hotel reservation on a weekend, try securing a hotel room during the middle of the week. Prices tend to fluctuate during this time compared to weekend rates. Staying over a weekend, especially within big cities, may not be as relaxing as you’d expect it to be because of the crowd in the area. There are other people who are also unwinding mid-week.

Try to negotiate for a better deal.

If you’re staying for a week or even more, try to negotiate with the a better rate. The worst thing that they can do is to say no, right? Try to check if they can offer you a better deal since you will be staying for an extended period.

Go through the inclusions and services in your package and consider removing some of the items that are not relevant to you. It’s good to note that the travel industry is a pretty competitive one, so don’t hesitate to negotiate.

Save on your Sydney accommodation, talk to us for a weekend or week-long stay!

Whether you’re staying just for the weekend or looking at a much longer week-long stay, consider the tips mentioned above the next time you book accommodation in Sydney. If you want to explore Double Bay, look no further than The Savoy Hotel. We are the perfect place to take a break from busy city life. Speak to our staff so we can arrange the best rates for you. Call us now at 1800 811 846.

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